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Students and researchers from ZNU at Durham Law School
A flammable gas leakage identification system for domestic and industrial use including an alert system for disaster prevention.

Java Robotics and Intelligent System Research Centre (JRIRC) of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology has invented an electronic device that that protects lives and properties from gas explosions.

This particular gas detector was built under the guidance of Mr. Dhanushka Kodikara, the Chief Engineer and a Director of the JRIRC. The entire designing and production life cycle of this new innovation was handled at the Java Institute Electronic Production Line and the Java Institute is proud to manufacture this electronic product under the titles of "Made in Sri Lanka" and "Manufactured by Java Institute for Advanced Technology".

According to the Java Institute Engineers, the unique attributes of this device when compared with other existing gas detectors are very simple installation, sensitivity, low electricity consumption and the ability to interface with other Systems, such as fire alarms, gas automatic stop valves, connected to the user via the internet or GSM networks using the user's' handheld device or PC .