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Founder’s Message CSRI

Welcome Message From the Founder

Welcome to Ceylon Strategic Research Institute, a leading institution dedicated to shaping the strategic leaders of tomorrow. It is with great pleasure and profound conviction that I extend my warmest greetings as the founder of Ceylon Strategic Research Institute. It gives me immense pride to share with you the journey and vision behind the inception of our esteemed institution.

As Sri Lanka's first university for Strategic Management, Ceylon Strategic Research Institute was established with a resolute commitment to shaping the future leaders and change-makers of our nation. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of education, we embarked on this endeavor to provide a platform where strategic minds can flourish and transcend boundaries.

Our founding principles are rooted in the belief that strategic management is the cornerstone of achieving the seemingly impossible. We strive to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset required to navigate complex challenges and redefine the limits of what can be achieved.

At CSRI, we believe in nurturing a culture of excellence, innovation, and integrity. Our dedicated faculty members bring their rich academic and industry expertise to the forefront, fostering an environment of academic rigor and experiential learning. Our students are encouraged to embrace the spirit of curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration, enabling them to excel not only within the classroom but also in their future careers.

An integral aspect of Ceylon Strategic Research Institute's profile lies in our cherished affiliation with the renowned Java Institute for Advanced Technology. This partnership enables us to draw upon the institute's exceptional track record in advanced technology and software engineering, empowering our students with a holistic education that encompasses both strategic management and cutting-edge technological advancements. Through this collaboration, we provide a unique learning experience that combines the best of both disciplines, equipping our graduates with a competitive edge in the dynamic global landscape.

As we navigate the challenges of the present and strive for a brighter future, CSRI aims to be the turning point in the trajectory of our country. We recognize the critical issues faced by our beloved Sri Lanka, and we are committed to fostering a generation of strategic leaders who will drive positive change, economic growth, and social progress.

Together, let us embark on this transformative journey, where impossible becomes possible, and where the strategic minds of Ceylon Strategic Research Institute shape a better future for our nation and beyond. With utmost determination and unwavering dedication,

Dr. Bhatiya Thissera
Founder/Managing Director Athena Academy
PhD(Software Engineering), PhD, MPhil(Strategic Management), MSc(IT), BSc(SE), BEng(SE), SCJP, SCWCD, SCMAD, SCBCD