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About CSRI

What is CSRI

Ceylon Strategic Research Institute, as the pioneer university for Strategic Management in Sri Lanka, holds a significant position in the academic landscape.

It shares a sibling relationship with the Java Institute for Advanced Technology, which has gained global recognition for its groundbreaking software engineering degree program.

Strategic management, encompassing the execution of seemingly unattainable tasks, constitutes the core focus of Ceylon Strategic Research Institute. The introduction of this degree program aimed to address this overarching objective. Consequently, undergraduates enrolled in this program undergo comprehensive training to develop the ability to accomplish seemingly insurmountable objectives.

As a response to these circumstances, the imperative for transformative change has emerged, signaling a shift in direction toward a more promising future. In this context, Ceylon Strategic Research Institute assumes a pivotal role as a catalyst, signifying a turning point in the prevailing trajectory of the country.



"Nurturing ideas and leaders that transform and
strengthen our nation economically."


Ceylon Strategic Research Institute will achieve this vision by methodically imparting strategic knowledge and lessons learned in the past and merging that knowledge with the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge and skills in the field of business management and forged students in the crucible of real-world, hands-on experiences to mould future leaders who are both strategic and humanitarian in their approach to business.